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Expertise in dental restoration to bridging gaps and strengthening teeth.

Welcome to mydentist®, where dental crowns and bridge treatments are our speciality.

We blend advanced dental techniques with a patient-centred approach to ensure that each visit is comfortable, efficient, and tailored to your individual needs.

Our team of skilled dental experts craft durable and aesthetically pleasing solutions for all your oral health concerns. We utilise the latest in dental technology and materials – from high-quality porcelain crowns to precise dental bridge constructions – to restore functionality and enhance your dental well-being.

We don’t just treat your teeth. We provide a holistic dental care experience. We are dedicated to ensuring a seamless, transparent and supportive journey towards achieving optimal oral health. From the initial consultation to the final touch on your dental crown or bridge, you can trust us to restore your healthy, confident and radiant smile.

What are Dental Crowns and Bridges?

Dental crowns are bridges are primary components in restorative dentistry. They serve a unique purpose in maintaining and enhancing oral health.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a custom-made cap that is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance.

Dental crowns are made from various materials, including porcelain, ceramics, metal alloys, or a combination of these materials. They are designed to match the textures and colour of your natural teeth and thus, ensure a seamless blend that will give you an amazing smile.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth. It comprises two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap (these two or more anchoring teeth are known as ‘abutment’ teeth) and a false tooth/teeth in between. The false teeth are known as pontics and can be made from gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials.

Dental bridges don’t just restore your smile. They work to maintain the shape of your face, readjust your bite to properly distribute the force when you chew, and prevent the remaining teeth from drifting out of position.

Both dental crowns and bridges are long-lasting solutions that can provide a durable and effective way to maintain good oral health.

Signs You Might Need Dental Crowns and Bridges

Are you wondering if dental crowns and bridges are the right choice? Look out for these tell-tale signs that indicate it’s time to consider these transformative dental restoration solutions. From repairing damaged teeth to enhancing your oral functionality, here’s what to watch out for.

Damaged or Cracked Teeth

Dental crowns can protect, and restore the strength, and appearance of teeth that are cracked, chipped or broken.

Severe Tooth Decay

We tailor the treatment to meet your specific needs and desired outcomes.

Worn Down Teeth

Teeth that have been worn down by grinding (bruxism), acid erosion, or other factors can be effectively restored with crowns.

After Root Canal Treatment

You may need a crown to protect the restored tooth from further damage.

Missing Teeth

Bridges are ideal for filling the gap created by one or more missing teeth. It helps maintain the alignment of your remaining teeth and supports overall oral health.

Uneven Bit or
Jaw Pain

Bridges can help redistribute your bite properly and alleviate discomfort due to missing teeth.

Cosmetic Enhancement

Crowns and bridges can provide a cosmetic improvement for teeth that are discoloured, mishappen or have gaps.

Loose or Ill-Fitting Dentures

Dental bridges or crown-supported implants may provide a more stable and comfortable solution for individuals who struggle with dentures.

Our Approach to Dental Crowns and Bridges

At mydentist®, we prioritise precision, comfort, and tailored solutions to meet your individual needs. Dive into our step-by-step process that sets us apart when it comes to delivering exceptional restorative dentistry services.

Consultation and Assessment

We begin with a one-on-one consultation to understand your dental history, concerns and desired outcomes. This may include a comprehensive oral examination and diagnostic imaging to identify specific needs.

Custom Treatment Planning

We create a personalised treatment plan based on the assessment. Our team will explain the procedure and take time to address all your queries and concerns.

Precision Treatment

The process may include the preparation of teeth, impression taking, temporary solutions while your custom restoration is being made, and the final fitting where your custom crown or bridge is precisely fitted, adjusted, and cemented into place to ensure comfort and functionality.

Post-Treatment Care

We will schedule follow-up visits to monitor your new crown or bridge and make any necessary adjustments. Our dentists will also provide detailed care instructions to ensure optimal oral health.

Why Choose mydentist® for Your Dental Crown and Bridges?

Expert Team

Our experienced dentists specialise in crown and bridge work.

Advanced Technology

At mydentist®, we utilise the latest in dental technology for precise and comfortable teeth restoration treatments.

Patient Comfort

We prioritise your comfort throughout the treatment.

Affordable and transparent pricing

We offer competitive pricing and payment plans because we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful smile.


Hear from satisfied patients who have transformed their smiles with our dental crown and bridge treatments.
Camelia Ng
Camelia Ng
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Two months ago I had my dental work done at My Dentist @ Damansara Height. Dr Cambry Ng and his team were very professional and super friendly. I came back from US for a short vacation and with the plan to find a good and experienced dentist that was able to remove my tough old steel crowns without breaking my original teeth. Dr Cambry Ng has done a fabulous job in removing and replacing my old crowns with three beautiful crowns that looks like natural new front teeth. I am very happy and satisfied with his work. Dr Cambry Ng also provide the service of bridging my missing teeth in a very short time. He is not only skillful & knowledgeable but also very patient. He answered all my questions thoroughly and made sure I was comfortable with the option he suggested before starting any dental like bridge/crowns/fillings. Dr Cambry is very thorough, I have visited a few dentists before coming to him but none has spotted the hidden cavity on my wisdom tooth but he was able to spot it. I frequently grind my teeth at night but I always had the assumption that night guard would cause discomfort at night. To my surprise, I am very comfortable wearing it. Dr Cambry is very good at handling needles; I would highly recommend him especially to those afraid of needles poking your gums ;). Painless and quick procedure! I m now back to US with my beautifully done teeth! Thumbs up to Dr Camry and his team!! See you in a couple of years!
Laihan Yong
Laihan Yong
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Had a few crowns done by Dr Lee, he was very gentle and there was no pain! He explained step by step what he was going to to do next which helped to reduce my anxiety!! Nurses were very attentive and seems to know what they were doing, which also helped. Am impressed! Very comfortable waiting area compared to other clinics I've been. Parking might be an issue but a phone call to the reception will resolve the problem.
Chou Ai Hong
Chou Ai Hong
Read More
I will definitely recommend this dental clinic to whoever has tooth problem. The receptionist & all the staffs were so polite & put you at ease. Dr Fong who attended to my toothache and fix the crown was very cheerful & professional. All anxieties & doubts cleared after the whole treatment. Very satisfying experience & will definitely come again in future if I've any dental problem. Thanks to all the staffs.

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A dental crown is a cap designed to cover a damaged or decayed tooth, while a bridge is used to fill the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A dental bridge is anchored by crowns on adjacent teeth.
Dental crowns and bridges can last between 5 to 15 years or even longer with proper care. The longevity is dependent on good oral hygiene practices and regular dental check-ups.
Modern crowns and bridges are designed to match the colour and appearance of your natural teeth. This makes them virtually unnoticeable.
Your dentist will most likely perform the procedure under local anaesthesia to minimise any discomfort. It is normal to experience some sensitivity or mild soreness post-treatment, which will resolve within a few days.
Good oral hygiene is an essential component for maintaining your dental crown or bridge. We recommend you brush twice a day, floss and use and antiseptic mouthwash. Regular dental check-ups are also crucial for the longevity of your crowns and bridges.
Yes, they can sometimes loosen or fall out, but this is uncommon. The reason it happens is usually due to decay of the underlying tooth, gum disease, or trauma. Regular dental check-ups can help detect and rectify these issues early.
The cost depends on many factors, including but not limited to, the materials used, the complexity of the procedure, the number of teeth, and even your geographical location. We will provide a detailed cost estimate during your consultation.
Yes, alternatives include dental implants and partial dentures. However, the best option depends on the patient’s dental health, preferences, and budget. It is also best to consult your dentist so that you can make an informed decision.
This will depend on the extent of the treatment needed. However, it usually requires two visits over a couple of weeks once you’ve decided to get it – the first to prepare the teeth and place a temporary crown or bridge, and the second to fit the permanent fixture. You will also be given follow-up appointments to ensure that everything is in order post-treatment.
Yes, you can eat normally once your permanent crown or bridge is fitted. However, it is advisable to avoid very hard or sticky foods to prevent damage.